The Chain Migration Mystery is Solved

Congratulations Amalija Knavs and Viktor Knavs. (Donald Trump’s mother in law and father in law). Your chain migration was approved!

After sharply criticizing the U.S. immigration system President Trump’s wife Melania got an approval for the Green Card for the parents Viktor and Amalija Knavs. They were granted Permanent Resident status (on what is now called Chain Migration). Contrary to the Republican anti-immigration hoopla that wants to cut family-based immigration by 50%, a couple from a “shit-hole” country was allowed to get Green Cards with NO special skills, no degrees and no investment. Not BAD considering that there are more than 3.8 million people from around the world, waiting in line for a Green Card through a legal immigration system.

The Trump administration has repeatedly “in your face” demonstrated that the rule of law and regulations do not apply to him or his family because they are above the law. Son-in-laws do not need a top-secret security clearance, they do business with countries with U.S. Sanctions. Associates have been charged with money laundering. Its ok for friends and relatives, using tax payer’s funds for private trips and private jets without an accounting. Having extra marital affairs is tolerated even when money is paid to porn-star and Play Boy bunnies because rules of decency and integrity don’t apply when your commander is chief.

Lets just focus on immigration:

According to a recent N.Y Times article (Vox 3/2/18), “Trump doesn’t understand that his immigration policies must bend to fit reality.”

Columnist, Nicole Hemme stated on 3/1/18: “Trump’s biggest mistake on immigration is he’s never believed that something so complex can be “fixed”.

One must look back at our past immigration policies in order to conclude that if history is any guide Trump’s immigration proposals are doomed to fail.

A hard-line immigration policy as proposed by Trump and his anti-immigration advisor Stephen Miller all push in the opposite direction contrary to Compromise.

On reflection, U.S. Immigration policies of 1920 placed severe restrictions on immigrant aliens from countries that were not predominantly white Europeans (Northern and Western Europe). The net result of this white “supremist dogma” was the development of strict national quotas that especially impacted on Russian nationals and people from the entire continent of Africa (predominately Black) and all of Asia. Thus, the die was cast for a quota system that heavily favored white European and discriminated against the rest of the world.

The 1920’s era restrictions changed as the world took note of America’s hypocrisy (NY Times).

In 1948, the incentive to ban Asian immigration began to ever so slowly change. Only 105 Visas were issued per year. (China had a population of almost a billion).

It’s important for us to realize that the U.S. Government adamantly claims that there is NOquota system. So, in 1965 new immigration rules were created by Congress due to President Lyndon Johnson’s assessment that the Quota system “violated the basic principles of American Democracy!”.

By the 1980’s more than 5 million undocumented immigrants had overstayed their Visas in the U.S. This unintended consequence of a very unrealistic immigration policy created a void in the social and economic life of the United States. It became evident that America needed “cheap “labor especially in the construction, hotel and agricultural industries. (Georgetown Law School Seminar)

The incentive for immigrants from 3rd world countries was “come to America for better jobs and better living conditions”. In the final analysis it’s the American Business establishment that has created the “carrot dangling before the horse” reason for attracting “cheap” labor. Generally, persons from these countries are willing to take low paying jobs that Americans are not willing to perform.

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